Sometimes little funny events make days brighter. So did the picture posted on Bear’s brand-new FaceBook page, just a few hours after he launched it.
One of bear’s “first hour friends” pictured his very own bear watching our Bear on the computer screen.
We asked the photographer to write that bear’s story and to send some more pictures.
This is what we received about the bear called Sjors-Sjarrel :


Here are a few pictures of my bear. Let’s call him Sjors-Sjarrel.
Usually he sits on top of the bookcase. From there he has a nice very view over the whole living room.

Sjors-Sjarrel used to have a brother, who I think belonged in the ’40 / ’50 to one of my uncles. Unfortunately….., when I was a little boy on holiday in France (somewhere in the 70s),  Sjors-Sjarrel’s brother went out for a walk on the campsite. I never saw him again. Sjors-Sjarrel has come to live with me when my grandmother died in the ‘80. Until then the bear sat in her living room and oversaw everything.

Better pictures are unfortunately not available at the moment. My camera is not in the mood. So these images are also shot with my Foon.

Sincerely yours, Aaldert

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