It’s hard to start a new blog – And how it all began

It’s hard to start a new blog – And how it all began

The day after we met Bear we went sailing. Bear came along on board just for fun. That’s how it all started. He’s been “snapshooted” ever since. His whole story includes some 100 pictures now, that can be found on the Flickr Bear Album..

In fact, Bear is a stuffed Bear who thinks he is real and who has neither name, nor family name. He was found in a secondhand store, where he sat thinking about nothing for days. We think he has a memory loss, as he seems to discover everything for the first time.

It’s always hard to start a new blog.

Hard to imagine the rhythm, to tell what you want to say.

What, where, when, who, and above all wahy…

It’s even harder when you run already a few other blogs for friends, for yourself, without time to update them all, all along the seasons.

This time it is even more difficult to imagine how to organize things.

It feels like jumping on the back of a rolling tramway.

Or making a playground for wild running children that won’t listen when you tell them this is the place where they can find back all bits and pieces they like.


It’s always hard to start any blog, but this one even more.

Because it’s going to be Bear’s one and he shouldn’t be disappointed….

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